Middle Georgia Hash


Alternating Saturdays, meeting usually between 1 and 3, hares away 30 min after meet time:

MGH4 --> Middle Georgia Hash House Harriers and Harriettes

  • Trail length usually 3-5 miles
  • Trail difficulty - Heavy shiggy, water crossings, swamp possible
  • Usually a beer stop
  • Annual event is Founder's Day (in April)

 WRH3 --> Warner Robins Hash House Harriers (currently in hibernation)

  • Trail length usually 3-4 miles
  • Trail difficulty - Mix of road and light-to-medium shiggy. Water possible.
  • Usually at least one beer stop
  • Annual event is Kilt Run (in March)


Wednesdays, meeting at 6:30 PM EST, hares away 7PM.

W3H3 -->  Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday H3

  • Trail length usually 2-5 miles
  • Trail difficulty - varies
  • Usually beer stops
  • Sometimes themed